A Closer Look at B2B Communication

Regardless of the exact technical implementation, the communication between Touchbet Ltd and a business partner can be broken up into three major real-time information streams:

Schematic Drawing over a typical B2B communication.
  • Game availability information, where Touchbet Ltd tells the connected partner about what sporting events are available for betting and also what betting opportunities exist;
  • Odds for the betting opportunities, where Touchbet Ltd tells the connected partner about the odds on which we are willing to accept bets;
  • Actual bets, where the connected partner tells Touchbet that an end customer places a bet on the odds provided previously by Touchbet Ltd.

Notice that the last step is crucial, where Touchbet gets informed about bets from end customers. This is how we keep track of the total risk for a game, and thus this information indirectly affects the odds that we provide to all connected partners.

The Touchbet Advantage

Once connected to Touchbet Ltd, the risk associated with offering odds on a sporting event is transferred to and handled completely by us. Betting turnover is converted directly into profit, so our business partners can focus on bringing in new customers and to increase betting turnover.

Odds can be provided with different margins, and of course, the higher the margin, the higher the profit, counted relative to the betting turnover. On the other hand, a smaller margin may increase turnover, so in order to optimize profits, the margin should be selected carefully, and depends on the target customers.