The easy entry point to live betting

One thing is sure: sports betting habits in Europe changed dramatically over the last year, favoring (in-play) versus traditional betting. The result is a significant increase in turnover and an equally substantial increase in cost and risk for bookmakers. As the example of Asian markets has shown, the appetite of punters for more live events around the clock is unmatched by most of the traditional bookmakers. As a result of the demanding nature of this service few players can survive in this market. Touchbet was well positioned to benefit from this trend, by concentrating on the B2B side of the market.

Its proprietary robotic technology eliminates the need of large numbers of traders who are traditionally required in order to provide live odds for multiple games.

So it can provide the widest selection of events with continuously updated odds. Due to the high level of automation a large number of games can be offered simultaneously, therefore can Touchbet handle large volumes of bets within a short timeframe.

For a B2C company seeking to provide risk free live soccer betting or to hedge its associated risk, Touchbet is the obvious choice. Touchbet provides a safe and transparent service through a proven API with its partners’ systems.