B2B Sports Betting with Touchbet Ltd

Touchbet Ltd specializes in providing odds for sports betting, and in managing the risk that ultimately originates from end customers taking bets on the odds provided. Touchbet does not deal with end customers (bettors, or punters) directly, but instead deals with business partners that have relationships with end customers. In such a partnership, both parties do what it is best at: Touchbet provides expertise in setting odds and taking risk, while our business partners can concentrate on building customer relationships. For our partners, increased betting turnover on our odds is translated directly into risk free profit.

Touchbet has its core business in Sliema near Valletta in Malta, which is where our odds are generated.  The odds are set using automated process: our experienced traders use an in-house developed computer system that aids in computing odds and to assess the risk. The betting system is continually improved in order to meet an increasingly competitive market.

The betting system of Touchbet Ltd can communicate with our business partners in a number of ways in order to present odds and to take bets. All communication occurs in real time. The preferred method is though a web service based API provided by Touchbet Ltd, but other options are also available.

Touchbet additionally sends its odds to the leading betting exchanges. For this purpose, Touchbet Ltd’s odds engine communicates and trades with the respective counterparties using protocols provided by the exchanges themselves.

As Touchbet Ltd connects to more and more partners, our trading system gets access to increased liquidity, which benefits everyone that is connected in that we are able to offer even more competitive pricing.